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Sometimes a quote just fits!

Hello.  You know when sometimes you read something and it just connects with you? I read a quote on an Instagram feed recently - "let your smile change the world but never let the world change your smile" - Anonymous  I really liked it and thought 'I'll write that on a project at some point'… Continue reading Sometimes a quote just fits!

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I made a card I was really proud of, then dropped a paint brush on it

Hello. I made a card yesterday, floral line drawing, faux calligraphy and Watercolour painting. It was a Good Luck card for a colleague who was leaving work. I took a picture of it, posted it on Instagram and then placed it on my craft table.  All was going well, I started my next project, my… Continue reading I made a card I was really proud of, then dropped a paint brush on it

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Watercolour balloon card – How to

I made this greetings card inspired by a prompt I had seen on Instagram from a lettering challenge. The prompt was 'Today is the day'. I have recently been experimenting with Talens Ecoline watercolour inks. They are great for starting out with water colour without trying to navigate your way around the many different paint… Continue reading Watercolour balloon card – How to