A little Watercolour pink flowers


Here’s a little water colour flower painting of mine.

I created this using Pink Ecoline water colour ink for the flowers and black for the flower centres.

The light coloured flower petals around the background were created using the water I had been cleaning my brush in 😁

The pink ink had made the water a pink wash and so I used a little water to create the background petals. 😄

The paper used is cold pressed Watercolour paper, in white.

I enjoyed doing this piece as I did the flowers free hand and enjoyed playing with the ink and water to create depth to the petals.

Thank you for reading and Happy Crafting!

Blending hand lettering

Hello 🙋🏻

I recently made a birthday card for a friend who had commissioned me to make a 60th birthday card.

As well as the Watercolour painting of a glass of red wine I decided to hand letter a sentiment direct onto the card.

To achieve the look I wanted I blended 2 different colours to get a gradient effect.

Handmade birthday card by mariebxmastree

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I’ve designed myself a logo 

Hello 🙋🏻

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating myself a logo for a little while now. And yesterday inspiration struck!

And so I have created my own logo to hopefully create a bit of a brand for myself. 

I craft as a hobby with the occasional sale but long term I would really love to make something more if it, either via my crafty projects or through my blog.

I’m going to keep creating and see where it goes 😊

Do you have a logo for your projects/work? Did you create it yourself? 

Have fun creating and happy crafting!

A Christmas tree galaxy – Watercolour & Christmas.


I have recently been experimenting with water colour inks to make galaxy paintings. I have shared a few of my recent pieces in my posts; Two pieces I’m really proud of and A watercolour galaxy not so far away

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I just wanted to share these two, as I’m really proud of them

Hand painted galaxy balloon and hand painted flower and leaves  using:

• Royal talens Ecoline inks

• uniball_uk white roller ball pen (for galaxy stars)

• unipin fine liner 0.05 (for flower and leaves drawings)

• Calligraphy lettering using my pointed pen with Leondart ‘general’ nib

• Manuscriptpenco Black acrylic ink. 

• Paper is Winsor and Newton cold pressed watercolour paper. 

Sometimes the projects work 😀 

Thank you for reading and Happy crafting!