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My Instagram Calligraphy challenge

Hello 🙋🏻 I recently posted a blog post about Having another Calligraphy Breakthrough 🙂 I felt like I was on a bit of a roll & so wanted to keep practising but needed something else to write. I also have an Instagram account, which I use a lot 😂. If you are not familiar with Instagram… Continue reading My Instagram Calligraphy challenge

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I’ve had another Calligraphy Breakthrough!

Hello! So I sat down at my craft desk again today and after making a few Christmas cards (of course 😂) I decided to practice my calligraphy. I recently bought a Speedball Calligraphy pen, mainly for the different types of nibs to be honest 😁. Included in the pack was a sheet of instructions and… Continue reading I’ve had another Calligraphy Breakthrough!

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I’ve got to remember to write it out first!! 😀

Hello there! This piece I'm going to share started so well...... I coloured the watercolour paper with a yellow Ecoline ink and water wash.... I cut the card to the perfect size for the frame I had waiting.... I found a lovely verse to practice my Calligraphy.... I measured out 6 lines to fit the… Continue reading I’ve got to remember to write it out first!! 😀

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I got ‘Flourish Happy’ 😔

I don't know if that's a thing but I'm making it a thing for this post 😁 Hello. So..... I sat down at my craft desk, pointed pen in hand. I thought I'd do some calligraphy practice by writing out a poem from the book we were given for our wedding ceremony. Lovely. I thought… Continue reading I got ‘Flourish Happy’ 😔

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Back to flowery doodles

Hello there. I haven't done any flower doodling for a few weeks so I decided yesterday to have a doodley evening 😁  I do enjoy drawing flowers (when they come out looking like flowers) I did these with a good old fashioned black biro 🙂 What do you doodle? Thank you for reading and happy… Continue reading Back to flowery doodles

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Keep practicing and track your progress! 

Hello. I thought I would share a Calligraphy update, my progress over the last 4 weeks. I have picked up from various Instagram feeds and calligraphy company websites that it's good to keep a track of your progress. On the 17th of August I wrote out an alphabet of capital and lowercase using a basic… Continue reading Keep practicing and track your progress! 

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My new Pinterest board 😊.

Trying out a Pinterest board of my work. There are so many different social media platforms around these days, but I started with Pinterest before all of the others. I'm going to load some of my pictures onto this board so feel free to check them out and follow the board if you'd like 😊… Continue reading My new Pinterest board 😊.

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Christmas production in full swing

Hello. It's always nice to have a birthday or  event to make things for but I have to admit I love making Christmas things! 😁. Could you guess by my account name and blog theme 😂 And when you mix the different techniques you've been practicing, well, even better. I've been working on Christmas gift… Continue reading Christmas production in full swing