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Now I know how to use the pens……

Hello. Do you have things in your craft cupboard that you bought way back when, never really knew what to do with, forgot about and then re-instated when you found the right way to use them? I do exactly that. 😄 I can't remember exactly when it was but a few years ago I bought… Continue reading Now I know how to use the pens……

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A little festive lettering cheer

Hello, Here's another quick post to spread a little festive lettering cheer. I created this piece using metallic brush markers in purple and silver on red card. I first wrote out the 'Merry & Bright', straight into the card, you know me, I very rarely draw a piece out in pencil first 😂 I then… Continue reading A little festive lettering cheer

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Blending hand lettering

Hello 🙋🏻 I recently made a birthday card for a friend who had commissioned me to make a 60th birthday card. As well as the Watercolour painting of a glass of red wine I decided to hand letter a sentiment direct onto the card. To achieve the look I wanted I blended 2 different colours… Continue reading Blending hand lettering

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Starting Calligraphy – My hints and tips (part 2)

Hello. I'd like to share more of my Calligraphy hits and tips with you, as a follow on to my last post Starting Calligraphy – My hints and tips (part 1) and so as you may have guessed this is part 2 😊 In my previous post I wrote about learning the basis with a cartridge calligraphy pen.… Continue reading Starting Calligraphy – My hints and tips (part 2)

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My Instagram Calligraphy challenge

Hello 🙋🏻 I recently posted a blog post about Having another Calligraphy Breakthrough 🙂 I felt like I was on a bit of a roll & so wanted to keep practising but needed something else to write. I also have an Instagram account, which I use a lot 😂. If you are not familiar with Instagram… Continue reading My Instagram Calligraphy challenge

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I’ve had another Calligraphy Breakthrough!

Hello! So I sat down at my craft desk again today and after making a few Christmas cards (of course 😂) I decided to practice my calligraphy. I recently bought a Speedball Calligraphy pen, mainly for the different types of nibs to be honest 😁. Included in the pack was a sheet of instructions and… Continue reading I’ve had another Calligraphy Breakthrough!

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I can’t post a video here but…….

Hello.  Today I’ve posted a ‘how to’ video on my Instagram page, a how to crochet 😊  Something a little different for me, but as well as papercraft and painting I crochet too. I’m in the middle of a baby blanket for a friend and thought I would post a quick 60 second how to.… Continue reading I can’t post a video here but…….