Now I know how to use the pens……


Do you have things in your craft cupboard that you bought way back when, never really knew what to do with, forgot about and then re-instated when you found the right way to use them?

I do exactly that. 😄

I can’t remember exactly when it was but a few years ago I bought a pack of Papermania Metallic brush pens from the DoCrafts range.

They are lovely colours but at the time I didn’t really know what to with them except ‘colour in’ 😂

They lived in the cupboard and in a draw and I recently remembered I had them whilst working on a project with my other TomBow brush markers.

If you are a new reader of my blog (welcome, thank you for taking a look) I am teaching myself Calligraphy and have been using various books for reference on the different letter styles.

Calligraphy is so diverse and you can also use the technique of “thin line on the upward stroke and thick line on the downward stroke” with brush pens too.

So….getting to my point….. having remembered I had my metallic pens I decided to try out a few Christmas cards with brush lettering, using the calligraphy tips I have been learning.

I think these have worked out quite well, what do you think?;

Trial run on purple card

I created these pieces on various coloured card, first writing out the main message.

Once the lettering was dry I then went around one side of each letter ‘dabbing’ small dots in a line around the edge of each letter, using a contrasting colour.

I had seen similar styles on Instagram so thought I would try and put my slant on it, I’m really pleased with how they’ve come out.

Which craft products do you have that were bought but not yet used, popped on a shelf for another day/project?

Thank you for reading and happy crafting!

A little festive lettering cheer


Here’s another quick post to spread a little festive lettering cheer.

I created this piece using metallic brush markers in purple and silver on red card.

I first wrote out the ‘Merry & Bright’, straight into the card, you know me, I very rarely draw a piece out in pencil first 😂

I then went around the right hand side of each letter, with my silver pen, making little dots.

The picture was edited using the Hootsuite Enhance app.

Thank you for reading and Happy crafting! 🎄

Blending hand lettering

Hello 🙋🏻

I recently made a birthday card for a friend who had commissioned me to make a 60th birthday card.

As well as the Watercolour painting of a glass of red wine I decided to hand letter a sentiment direct onto the card.

To achieve the look I wanted I blended 2 different colours to get a gradient effect.

Handmade birthday card by mariebxmastree

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Starting Calligraphy – My hints and tips (part 2)


I’d like to share more of my Calligraphy hits and tips with you, as a follow on to my last post Starting Calligraphy – My hints and tips (part 1) and so as you may have guessed this is part 2 😊

In my previous post I wrote about learning the basis with a cartridge calligraphy pen.

Once you feel comfortable with this and feel you’d like to progress further the next step would be a pointed/dip pen.

I say this is the next step because it can be quite an investment to move onto a dip pen, but it is definitely worth the leap.

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Starting Calligraphy – My hints and tips (part 1)


I recently posted a blog post: My Instagram craft inspirations and had also posted very similar wording on my Instagram feed.

Following this Instagram post I was contacted by fellow Blogger and Instagram’er, Charlotte, from Instagram @charlotteshares_ and Charlottes blog

Charlotte mentioned that she was interested in teaching herself Calligraphy but wasn’t sure where to start.

This inspired me to write these 2 posts. Thank you Charlotte, for the inspiration to write to these, I hope it helps. 😊

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My Instagram Calligraphy challenge

Hello 🙋🏻

I recently posted a blog post about Having another Calligraphy Breakthrough 🙂

I felt like I was on a bit of a roll & so wanted to keep practising but needed something else to write.

I also have an Instagram account, which I use a lot 😂. If you are not familiar with Instagram it has the facility for you to be able to post a message, picture etc and it is only visible for 24 hours. This is called a Story & is visible to everyone using the app.

I post a few Instagram stories, usually to let people know I have a new blog post up.

Recently a feature was added where you can conduct a poll on your story and the app collects the data for you, showing you who has voted.

And so…I thought….An Instagram poll….To keep practising my calligraphy….💡 I wonder if people would like their names written in calligraphy and posted to my feed?

So I set to work on story post;


My Instagram story poll

It was a success I think. I had 4 people reply to the story with a ‘Yes’, 2 people contact me directly and 1 person via my Instagram posts.  By the way, the back ground to my story image is my thigh in blue jeans. 😂

Here are a few of the names I wrote out and posted to my page.


I must admit it was really useful to do as a practice exercise as I had to think about not only the person’s name but how to layout the letters and where the flourishes could go.

All pieces were done using my pointed pen with my Brause nib in Red calligraphy ink. I wrote everything out on dotted paper, which not only helps me to get better at sizing my letters but also means I don’t have to draw pencil lines 😂

I then edited the photos (taken with my phone) using the Hootsuite enhance app.

These are the final shots I posted on my Instagram feed, but I have to confess a few of my practice runs went in the bin in frustration 😆

What sort of text do you use to practice your lettering?

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and Happy Crafting!

I’ve had another Calligraphy Breakthrough!


So I sat down at my craft desk again today and after making a few Christmas cards (of course 😂) I decided to practice my calligraphy.

I recently bought a Speedball Calligraphy pen, mainly for the different types of nibs to be honest 😁.

Included in the pack was a sheet of instructions and included on this sheet was a Copperplate script guide.

Speedball Calligraphy pen instruction sheet

Copperplate script in the middle of this sheet

Copperplate script is my favourite calligraphy so far, I love how it flows and how professional it looks.

If you have read any of my previous calligraphy posts you may remember that I struggle with certain capital letters: M, N, I, J & sometimes Z.

So today I thought I’d try using the sheet for guidance.

I wrote out a couple of full alphabets to get my muscle memory into the swing of things

A lightbulb moment – Practice with names

And then I had a Calligraphy lightbulb moment; Practice capitals by writing out names  💡

And so I did just that. I started with men’s names and worked my way through the alphabet

Alphabet practice with men’s names

Thank you google for “what are men’s names beginning with Q, U, Y & Z” 😂

Then onto ladies names

Alphabet practice with ladies names

Thank you again google for “ladies names beginning with Q, U, X & Z”

I’m really pleased with how this practice went. I feel like I have made some real progress.

I really do recommend writing out names to practice with. Maybe film titles, songs you love or places you’ve been. As long as you cover each letter of the alphabet.

For today’s practice I used my Brause no. 361 nib in my straight pen holder. The red ink is calligraphy ink by Daler-Rowney.  The paper is A5 ClaireFontaine  dotted sketch paper, 90gr.

Disclaimer- I have used these products as I have bought them for my own use, I have no links to the brands mentioned.

Today’s calligraphy practice

What text do you use to practice with?

I’d love to hear if you have any hints or tips.

Thank you for reading and Happy Crafting!