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Taking pictures of your beautiful creations – my Instagram photostaging

Hello 🙋🏻 I often see beautiful pictures on social media, especially on Instagram, where people have created a beautiful setting for their craft makes. Perfect wedding calligraphy set on beautiful paper with rings and ribbons, lighting just perfect. I then remind myself that the pictures were created, each item placed to create the overall look… Continue reading Taking pictures of your beautiful creations – my Instagram photostaging

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All systems go – My own table at a craft fair

Hello 🙋🏻‍♀️ In last weeks blog post I wrote about one of my 2018 craft goals; to sell my hand made cards at a Craft Fair this year.'s all systems go! A friend of mine happened to receive an email from a local branch of the charity Save the Children with details of a craft fair… Continue reading All systems go – My own table at a craft fair

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Working on one of my 2018 craft goals – Looking for a craft fair

Hello. At the beginning of the year I wrote out my 2018 craft goals. One of them is to sell my handmade cards at a craft fair which creates a number of thoughts..... Can I make enough stock? How can I make my products look good? Do I need insurance of some kind? Am I… Continue reading Working on one of my 2018 craft goals – Looking for a craft fair

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How to make a foil border card

Hello there! In my previous post about my craft goals for 2018 I wrote about how I'm going to work on posting more regularly this year. And so, without further ado, my first 'how to' post of 2018. How to make this foil border card; For this project you'll need A blank greetings card -… Continue reading How to make a foil border card

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Sharing my craft goals for 2018

Hello. So my craft goals for 2018 are now written down. On page one of my beautiful new journal. My goals are a mix of getting my name out there to try to start making projects for people & personal targets to keep improving. I wanted to share my goals with you so that you… Continue reading Sharing my craft goals for 2018

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2018 mariebxmastree new look

Hello! I have a number of craft goals for 2018 relating to both improving my crafting skills & also improving/working on my social media accounts. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be updating both my Instagram page & my blog to reflect my style as mariebxmastree. 2017 has been an eye opening year… Continue reading 2018 mariebxmastree new look

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I’ve also been drawing….

Hello, As well as teaching myself Calligraphy, Watercolour painting and making greetings cards.... I'm also trying to teach myself to draw flowers, which I hope to transfer onto greetings cards with some point. 😂 But for now, I'm having fun sketching flowers. The book I am using to reference is 'The Watercolour Flower painter's… Continue reading I’ve also been drawing….

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Another calligraphy light bulb moment 💡

Hello. In previous posts I've written about how I've been teaching myself Calligraphy over the last 6 months. I started by doing the classic mistake of jumping straight into the middle of my books & getting stuck into my letters. Having realised that I needed to go back & learn the basics I started to… Continue reading Another calligraphy light bulb moment 💡

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100 followers- Thank you!

Hello. Today my craft blog reached 100 followers. Thank you so much to everyone who follows me & I plan to create even more crafting blog content in 2018. I’m also proud of this achievement as I only started my blog in August 2017, sharing my crafting journey in the hope that I can share… Continue reading 100 followers- Thank you!