Blending hand lettering

Hello 🙋🏻

I recently made a birthday card for a friend who had commissioned me to make a 60th birthday card.

As well as the Watercolour painting of a glass of red wine I decided to hand letter a sentiment direct onto the card.

To achieve the look I wanted I blended 2 different colours to get a gradient effect.

Handmade birthday card by mariebxmastree

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My Instagram craft inspirations


I’ve always been quite ‘arty’ in that I make cards, sew, crochet etc. but over the last year I feel as though my crafts have developed further.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I want to take my crafting on to the next step now, get my name out there, maybe even a craft fair or getting commissioned to do a project.

This past year I have been using social media a lot more with Twitter  & my blog.

One platform I particularly like/appreciate is Instagram.

I realised yesterday that I have been using Instagram for 7 months now. In that time I have been so inspired by all of the wonderful work I have seen that I have:

1) Taken up Watercolour colour painting


2) Tried my hand at galaxy painting 

My favourite of my galaxy paintings

3) Started flower drawing

4) And my biggest accomplishment over the last 7 months is teaching myself Calligraphy 

Instagram has been such a source of inspiration over the last 7 months. I hope that some of my posts have inspired people to try crafts too.

I would also like to achieve this with my blog, so I hope I can share crafty techniques for people to use to create their own beautiful projects. My blog is now 3 months old and I so I hope to develop this further too.

 Over on my Instagram post from today I have also posted links to a few of the many artists who have inspired me so far.

Do you have social media accounts where you find inspiration? Or maybe a different medium?

I’d love to know if you’d be happy to share, feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you for reading and happy crafting!

My new Pinterest board 😊.

Trying out a Pinterest board of my work.
There are so many different social media platforms around these days, but I started with Pinterest before all of the others.
I’m going to load some of my pictures onto this board so feel free to check them out and follow the board if you’d like 😊

Do you use Pinterest? How do you find it compared to Instagram or Twitter?

Thank you for reading and happy crafting!

Christmas production in full swing


It’s always nice to have a birthday or  event to make things for but I have to admit I love making Christmas things! 😁. Could you guess by my account name and blog theme 😂

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