A little Watercolour pink flowers


Here’s a little water colour flower painting of mine.

I created this using Pink Ecoline water colour ink for the flowers and black for the flower centres.

The light coloured flower petals around the background were created using the water I had been cleaning my brush in 😁

The pink ink had made the water a pink wash and so I used a little water to create the background petals. πŸ˜„

The paper used is cold pressed Watercolour paper, in white.

I enjoyed doing this piece as I did the flowers free hand and enjoyed playing with the ink and water to create depth to the petals.

Thank you for reading and Happy Crafting!

I just wanted to share these two, as I’m really proud of them

Hand painted galaxy balloon and hand painted flower and leaves  using:

β€’ Royal talens Ecoline inks

β€’ uniball_uk white roller ball pen (for galaxy stars)

β€’ unipin fine liner 0.05 (for flower and leaves drawings)

β€’ Calligraphy lettering using my pointed pen with Leondart ‘general’ nib

β€’ Manuscriptpenco Black acrylic ink. 

β€’ Paper is Winsor and Newton cold pressed watercolour paper. 

Sometimes the projects work πŸ˜€ 

Thank you for reading and Happy crafting!

More flower doodles – I just enjoy doing them


I know I’ve posted a few of my flower doodles on my blog already but I really enjoy doing them so thought I’d share just one more πŸ˜‰ 

This piece was created on a crimson coloured card, from the depths of my craft draw, using a Uniball signo broad pen in White. 

Thought I would throw in a little faux calligraphy for good measure too πŸ™‚

This will be turned into a card at some point so I will try to use it for a how-to.

Even though it’s a tried and tested doodle for me I thought I would mix it up using white on a base colour rather than my go-to black on white card.

I really like the effect, it may be used again πŸ˜‚

Thank you for reading and happy crafting!

Sometimes a quote just fits!


You know when sometimes you read something and it just connects with you? I read a quote on an Instagram feed recently – “let your smile change the world but never let the world change your smile” – Anonymous 

I really liked it and thought ‘I’ll write that on a project at some point’

Well today was that day πŸ˜„. Over the weekend I posted a how-to of painting watercolour leaves – Leaf painting how-to blog post

I didn’t know what to do with the project at the end of it so I put it to one side and today, as I sat down at my craft desk, I saw the leaves, I saw the quote…,I thought a-ha! (Not a-ha the band from the 80’s although I love them too πŸ˜‚)

Breaking all the rules again I put pen straight to watercolour paper, no guidelines, no pencil. I know I should plot things out first but I just wanted to free hand it today.

Free hand of the quote

I wrote out the quote in Faux Calligraphy with a Uniball 0.05 thickness fineliner in black.

I then went over the letters with a thicker Uniball 0.8 in black.

In Calligraphy you apply pressure to your nib on the downward strokes, to create a thicker line. I tried to imitate this with the fineliner, making the downward lines thicker as I went along.

Once the writing was finished it looked a little flat so I added some shading using a Tombow brush pen in N75 (light grey)

I struggle with adding shading, I’m never quite sure where to put the lines but I am quite pleased with how this came out, I think it adds a little depth.

Then for the photo.  I decided to frame it, on a black background to highlight the text, stuck down with a small amount of tape.

I quite like the affect it has in the frame. As I mentioned in a previous post Frames do wonders πŸ˜ 

Do you have a favourite quote that you like to add to your projects?

Or maybe a favourite quote that I could add into a project for you?

Thank you for reading and happy crafting! 

Let the Christmas doodles commence

It went a bit wobbly πŸ˜„ but I quite like this wreath doodle. 

I used a Uniball 0.05 fineliner for the holly outline, a crimson Artline 200 4.0 fineliner for the berries and lettering and a Faber & Castel grey brush pen to colour in the holly leaves.

Have you started your Christmas crafting yet?

Happy crafting!