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Always good to practice your abc’s

Hello. I thought I would go back to basics with this, a little calligraphy piece, a simple A in copperplate script. I've shared a process video over on My Instagram page I hope it helps if you are looking to try calligraphy, it's always good to start with your abc's 😁 Happy Crafting!

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Starting Calligraphy – My hints and tips (part 2)

Hello. I'd like to share more of my Calligraphy hits and tips with you, as a follow on to my last post Starting Calligraphy – My hints and tips (part 1) and so as you may have guessed this is part 2 😊 In my previous post I wrote about learning the basis with a cartridge calligraphy pen.… Continue reading Starting Calligraphy – My hints and tips (part 2)

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I’ve had another Calligraphy Breakthrough!

Hello! So I sat down at my craft desk again today and after making a few Christmas cards (of course 😂) I decided to practice my calligraphy. I recently bought a Speedball Calligraphy pen, mainly for the different types of nibs to be honest 😁. Included in the pack was a sheet of instructions and… Continue reading I’ve had another Calligraphy Breakthrough!