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A quick craft fair update


If you’re new to my blog – Welcome along.

If you’re a regular follower – Welcome back ☺️

In this weeks post I wanted to share a quick craft fair preparation update.

I’ve been doing lots of crafting recently which I will share in another post (you can also see most of my work on my Instagram feed )

But as well as card making, painting and calligraphy practice I’ve been getting prepared for the craft fair.

I’ve bought bags

I have been thinking by about how to package my work on the day (fingers crossed people will buy my work so that I can package it up 😂)

I decided for my greetings cards & smaller paintings that paper bags would look nice. So I have bought 2 sets of 100 brown paper bags from a famous online retailer (also a large rain forest located largely in Brazil 😁) (no affiliate links so I’m not going to post a link)

I’ve been busy stamping

I think it looks lovely (and professional) when you visit small retailers and their packaging is bespoke to their brand.

I want to try and achieve this too so I have been furiously stamping the bags with my logo stamp (100 done, 100 to go 😅)

And the finished article will look like….

A mariebxmastree delivery ☺️

I’m not sure I will have enough star stickers for the day so the next item on the tick list is stickers…..and then how to display things…….🤔

Thank you for reading this weeks blog and Happy Crafting!

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