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Starting Calligraphy – My hints and tips (part 2)

Following on from last weeks reblog of part 1 of my my calligraphy hints and tips, I thought I would follow up with part 2 this week.
I hope you find it useful, let me know what you think



I’d like to share more of my Calligraphy hits and tips with you, as a follow on to my last post Starting Calligraphy – My hints and tips (part 1) and so as you may have guessed this is part 2 😊

In my previous post I wrote about learning the basis with a cartridge calligraphy pen.

Once you feel comfortable with this and feel you’d like to progress further the next step would be a pointed/dip pen.

I say this is the next step because it can be quite an investment to move onto a dip pen, but it is definitely worth the leap.

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