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Taking pictures of your beautiful creations – my Instagram photostaging

Hello 🙋🏻

I often see beautiful pictures on social media, especially on Instagram, where people have created a beautiful setting for their craft makes.

Perfect wedding calligraphy set on beautiful paper with rings and ribbons, lighting just perfect.

I then remind myself that the pictures were created, each item placed to create the overall look and that anyone can do this with a bit of practice and a few accessories.

This year I am trying to create a theme for mariebxmastree, particularly on My Instagram feed

And so here are a few tips and tricks I’ve been working on / using myself:

A common background colour

When I started using Instagram I would look at other people’s feeds and see beautiful individual pictures but also when you clicked on that persons profile all the pictures were set in a similar way. I think this looks really professional (personal opinion 😁) so I have been working on my own picture setting to try to create the same.

My favourite colour is purple so I use a purple background in nearly all of my pictures now.

And here’s my tip: you don’t need to have a fancy set up in a studio with expensive backgrounds, you can use what you have to hand. A piece of wallpaper perhaps? A large piece of paper from your crafty stash?

I use a piece of left over A3 purple pearlescent card I have in my draw from an old project. 😂

Keep bits of ribbon or gems

I use a few ribbons in my pictures and nearly all of them have come from gift wrapping. The piece I use for showing wedding calligraphy came off a wedding present 😂

Lids off pens

On or off I usually always put a pen and lid in my pictures.

It adds a bit of interest and also shows people which tools you are using.

Its all about the accessories 😂

I have been known to buy packets of gems or even more recently a star shaped lock purely for using in my Instagram pics.

If your project is a specific theme then accessories tie the picture together.

For example, if you have made a New home card you could add a key to your picture.

I posted another wedding calligraphy piece and added the box my engagement ring came in 😁

Play around with lighting

If you are taking a picture on the dining room table, during the day, play around with where the light is to create shadows or bright spots.

Back to accessories, the rose gold piece on the right of this picture is actually one of my necklaces!

I take my Instagram pictures using a camera phone 🤳🏻

I use a mixture of the photo editing software on my phone and a free app for editing my pictures. Plus having them on my phone makes it a lot easier to load straight onto social media.

Try different things

The picture doesn’t have to be perfect as long as it reflects you and your style, have fun with taking the pictures.

They won’t always come out exactly how you want them, but that’s ok, it’s trial and error.

I hope this post has been useful.

Happy crafting!

6 thoughts on “Taking pictures of your beautiful creations – my Instagram photostaging”

  1. Hey, I found your little space in the community pool, so glad I did!! amazing crafts. surely will be waiting for more!!
    Please do visit my blog and give me your feedback. I also followed you and would appreciate it a lot if you follow me back, let’s be friends 🙂

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