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Sharing my craft goals for 2018


So my craft goals for 2018 are now written down.

On page one of my beautiful new journal.

My goals are a mix of getting my name out there to try to start making projects for people & personal targets to keep improving.

I wanted to share my goals with you so that you might find reassurance/comfort/inspiration that someone else is setting their goals out there too.

And so, for 2018, I want to get my head down and work hard at it! 😊

My craft goals for 2018 are;

• 200 blog followers

• 500 Instagram followers

• To have a stall at a craft fair with my handmade greetings cards

• Open an Etsy store (by far the scariest goal of them all)

• Sunday blog posts – To posts regularly

• Keep practising – The most important one. I have a way to go with my calligraphy & painting so I will keep at it.

I will keep track of my goals on my blog across this year.

Have you set any crafting goals for this year?

I’d love to see if you’re happy to share.

Happy crafting!

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