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Another calligraphy light bulb moment 💡


In previous posts I’ve written about how I’ve been teaching myself Calligraphy over the last 6 months.

I started by doing the classic mistake of jumping straight into the middle of my books & getting stuck into my letters.

Having realised that I needed to go back & learn the basics I started to work on my drills & practice the basic shapes.

My lettering has been improving since going back to basics, but there are a few things I missed by not reading all of the book. 😂

And so to my recent lightbulb moment;

For my calligraphy I use a straight pen nib holder

The style of holder on the right has 4 metal claps to hold the nibs in place;

I always thought that the nibs went into the middle of the clasps to hold the nibs in;

Over the Christmas holiday I started reading through a new book I was lucky enough to receive as a gift.

The book showed the various types of pens and nibs and then….

there it was…..

The nib is actually meant to be inserted around the edge of the holder!!

This makes sense to me now 😂

The nib stays in pen much better and doesn’t slip up & down when I’m writing ✍️

Maybe I should read more of the earlier pages of the books 🤔😁

Do you have any calligraphy tips to share?

Or has this post helped at all?

Happy Crafting!

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