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A little Watercolour pink flowers


Here’s a little water colour flower painting of mine.

I created this using Pink Ecoline water colour ink for the flowers and black for the flower centres.

The light coloured flower petals around the background were created using the water I had been cleaning my brush in 😁

The pink ink had made the water a pink wash and so I used a little water to create the background petals. 😄

The paper used is cold pressed Watercolour paper, in white.

I enjoyed doing this piece as I did the flowers free hand and enjoyed playing with the ink and water to create depth to the petals.

Thank you for reading and Happy Crafting!

4 thoughts on “A little Watercolour pink flowers”

    1. Thank you Shevy, I had fun painting this one. I did it a while ago and have been trying to decide if I should letter something over it. I’m still undecided 😁

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    1. Thank you Bexa, that’s really kind of you to say. I really appreciate your feedback as I’m self taught so I really appreciate your support. I still struggle with Watercolour paints from the tubes but find the inks easier to start with. If you ever want to try Watercolour again I would recommend the inks. Looking forward to following your blog too. 😊✍️


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