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My October makes – crafts of October


I didn’t realise how productive I’d been last month until I pulled my ‘my month making’ post together over on mariebxmastree Instagram

I’d forgotten some of the things I’d created, especially my new logo.

My logo is a bit of a milestone for me, as now I feel like I can start to work on building my brand & have something that ties it all together.

mariebxmastree logo – created by me

Over the last month I have been working on my calligraphy too. It’s easy to forget where you started from and how far you’ve come over time

I’ve also been painting, although this piece hasn’t made it much further because I tried to paint a stag ‘in the distance’ which is just a black splodge now 😕

Before I ruined it with the ‘stag’ splodge

And of course, a little Christmas production 🤶🏻

It’s good to take stock and remind ourselves of our crafting achievements. And so onto November’s crafting possibilities………
What did you make across October?

What are your crafting plans for this month?

I’d love to hear what you’ve got on the crafty list

Happy Crafting!

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