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My Instagram Calligraphy challenge

Hello 🙋🏻

I recently posted a blog post about Having another Calligraphy Breakthrough 🙂

I felt like I was on a bit of a roll & so wanted to keep practising but needed something else to write.

I also have an Instagram account, which I use a lot 😂. If you are not familiar with Instagram it has the facility for you to be able to post a message, picture etc and it is only visible for 24 hours. This is called a Story & is visible to everyone using the app.

I post a few Instagram stories, usually to let people know I have a new blog post up.

Recently a feature was added where you can conduct a poll on your story and the app collects the data for you, showing you who has voted.

And so…I thought….An Instagram poll….To keep practising my calligraphy….💡 I wonder if people would like their names written in calligraphy and posted to my feed?

So I set to work on story post;

My Instagram story poll

It was a success I think. I had 4 people reply to the story with a ‘Yes’, 2 people contact me directly and 1 person via my Instagram posts.  By the way, the back ground to my story image is my thigh in blue jeans. 😂

Here are a few of the names I wrote out and posted to my page.


I must admit it was really useful to do as a practice exercise as I had to think about not only the person’s name but how to layout the letters and where the flourishes could go.

All pieces were done using my pointed pen with my Brause nib in Red calligraphy ink. I wrote everything out on dotted paper, which not only helps me to get better at sizing my letters but also means I don’t have to draw pencil lines 😂

I then edited the photos (taken with my phone) using the Hootsuite enhance app.

These are the final shots I posted on my Instagram feed, but I have to confess a few of my practice runs went in the bin in frustration 😆

What sort of text do you use to practice your lettering?

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and Happy Crafting!

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