Craft blog

I’ve got to remember to write it out first!! 😀

Hello there!

This piece I’m going to share started so well……

I coloured the watercolour paper with a yellow Ecoline ink and water wash….

I cut the card to the perfect size for the frame I had waiting….

I found a lovely verse to practice my Calligraphy….

I measured out 6 lines to fit the verse on….

I even measured 1cm in each side so that I wouldn’t loose any words when it went in the frame….

The writing started so well, but then…..



I didn’t write the verse out in pencil first and got my positioning all wrong.

And then I put my finger on the wet ink and smudged it.

This one’s gone in the recycling pile 😂

Must remember to write it out in pencil first 😁
Have you had a Calligraphy positioning mishap? Did you recover it or did it go into the reject pile? 😁

Happy crafting!

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