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I got ‘Flourish Happy’ 😔

I don’t know if that’s a thing but I’m making it a thing for this post 😁


So….. I sat down at my craft desk, pointed pen in hand.

I thought I’d do some calligraphy practice by writing out a poem from the book we were given for our wedding ceremony. Lovely.

I thought I’d use my good paper and my lovely rose gold ink. Excellent.

It started well, the lettering looked good……….

…….then I got flourish happy 😔

Life is beautiful, not beauti-fut 😂😂

So that was the end of that piece!

Try again tomorrow 😁

Have you inadvertently written anything when trying to do calligraphy or lettering?

Beautiful-fut……. 😂

Thank you for reading and happy crafting!

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