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A Christmas tree galaxy – Watercolour & Christmas.


I have recently been experimenting with water colour inks to make galaxy paintings. I have shared a few of my recent pieces in my posts; Two pieces I’m really proud of and A watercolour galaxy not so far away

As Christmas production is starting to kick in I thought I would have a try at a Christmas galaxy, using the same water and ink mix technique.

In previous pieces I have added the black ink last and, as it has dried, it has spread into the other colours and taken over a bit. For this piece I thought I would try without any black.

And being Christmassy, what better to create than a Christmas tree 🎄😁

I drew the tree shape in pencil on a 14×14 cm square of cold pressed watercolour paper.

I then ‘painted’ the tree shape with clear tap water so that there was a small amount of water on the paper surface.

Starting with yellow watercolour ink I gently dabbed my paint brush onto the paper and let the ink spread.

Then followed with green and once the tree was completely covered I added little dabs of blue ink to add some depth. I added slightly more green to certain areas to also add a mix of colour.

I let this dry completely for a few hours and then added the grey highlighting. I did this using a light grey brush marker, gently colouring around the edges.

As I was doing this the marker picked up some of the green ink which I thought added a nice colour to the grey.

Using a white ball point pen I then went quickly over the whole picture pressing dots onto the ink for stars.

I’ve tried a couple of ways to create stars and have found that the ‘quick and frantic’ application works best for me 😂.  It looks a bit odd to start with but does come together at the end of the piece, just keep adding white dots. ✨

Once all the work was dry I wrote the sentiment using a cartridge pen and red ink. Ofcourse adopting the mariebxmastree method of not drawing any guidelines first 😁

Have you tried a galaxy painting? I’d love to see if you have, tag me in on your post if you’d like to share.

Thank you for reading and happy crafting!

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