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Christmas production in full swing


It’s always nice to have a birthday or  event to make things for but I have to admit I love making Christmas things! 😁. Could you guess by my account name and blog theme 😂

And when you mix the different techniques you’ve been practicing, well, even better.

I’ve been working on Christmas gift /   favour bags the last few days and have been practicing my i) Calligraphy ii) drawing iii) brush lettering and iv) photo staging at the same time.

Staged picture, pre-filters
Post Instagram filter

I think the filter makes the picture a little warmer.

For these bags I used black Calligraphy ink and a very fine Leondart nib in my pen holder. I then drew the different festive doodles with a Uniball fineliner, 0.05 thick, and coloured them in using Tombow dual brush bens. I also used the brush pens to letter the “It’s Christmas” piece in the top left.

Staged, pre cropping

I think that, sometimes, Calligraphy looks beautiful on its own, so I also tried a clean and simple card, writing straight onto the card itself with red Calligraphy ink, using the fine nib also.

Post cropping, no filter added

I do like the way satin ribbon photographs, I think it adds depth to the picture. But I’m no photographer, that’s just how I feel/see the picture.

I think it came out quite well. The ink was absorbed by the card in places and so bled a little, but it’s trial and error. You don’t know until you try.

I see lots of beautiful pictures of projects on Instagram and they look so professional. As I’m practicing my photography of my work (with my phone 😁) I think the pictures are showing the projects more, but I hope it’s helpful to show you the ‘pre-editing’ picture to.

Let me know if a post just on this topic would be useful?

Which techniques do you mix together when crafting?

Thank you for reading and happy crafting 🎄

4 thoughts on “Christmas production in full swing”

    1. Thank you for reading my post and the lovely feedback Louisa. I have done a few posts on when I started calligraphy, I hope they help. I would say to give calligraphy a try. 😊


      1. Let me know how you get on. I’m absolutely not an expert but if you would like any tips or would like a post on something in particular please feel free to let me know


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