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Don’t forget to celebrate the work you do!

Hello there.

As you may have seen in some of my previous posts I’ve been practicing my calligraphy recently. I really enjoy doing it (most days! – see last post before this one 😁) and am starting to feel like it’s sinking in.

I’ve also been teaching myself Watercolour painting with Watercolour inks and really enjoy doing paintings to, especially galaxies and trees.

I plan to use both of these new crafts in my card making as I develop them. 

So….getting to my point, sometimes we forget why we craft.

For me card making is a hobby I enjoy and can be creative with. I love seeing the finished project all coming together. I also enjoy sharing my work on social media, and I’ll be honest, it’s a lovely feeling when people like my work.

But we should celebrate our work ourselves too. Especially if there are pieces we are particularly proud of. 

Below is a picture of 3 pieces I’ve created recently that I’m really proud of and so I have framed them.

And to me, that’s celebrating them, rather than putting them in a folder and forgetting I’d done them 😁 (which I also do)

Don’t forget to celebrate your own work! 

If you have posted a piece on your blog or your Instagram that you are really proud of please send me the link in comments, I’d love to see. 

Thank you for reading and happy crafting!

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