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Keep practicing, it will be worth it.

Hello there!

Yesterday I scrolled through my Instagram feed and noticed a post I had done on the 14th of July this year.

It was a submission to a daily lettering challenge, where people post their lettering pieces of a quote or a word. It’s all good fun and gets you practicing your lettering skills. 

This is my post from 6 weeks ago. 

I decided to re-do this quote with the calligraphy skills I have been practicing.

Although I used a fine liner pen for this piece the letter shapes and use of a thicker line on the downward lines still applied. 

I’m really quite pleased with the progress I have made over only 6 weeks of practice. And I intend to keep practicing 😁 

I hope you have been inspired by this post to keep practicing the crafts you are learning, or indeed other projects, learning to play an instrument or that brick laying course where you feel you’ve hit a bit of a wall 😁 (sorry, couldn’t resist)

Keep practicing and Happy crafting!

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