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Christmas Calligraphy practice – starting to stage product photos

Hello there. 
It’s a warm summers day, perfect for Christmas Calligraphy 😂

I think some of the letter shapes and forms are stating to make sense now and I have a found new appreciation for the capital letter S 😁

I’ve also been practicing my photo staging. 

So many beautiful products are shared on social media and the photos enhance the product.

Wanting to progress my crafting further I thought I would start experimenting with photographing my work to highlight it and ‘show it off’ a bit more.

So here is my Christmas Calligraphy with the before, the cropped and finally the filtered. 

I deleted the original ‘before shot’ so had to re-take it to show here 😂

Photo set up
Cropped out the carpet 😄
Instagram photo filter added – Xpro II
I think the photo helps to show off my Calligraphy, which I feel like I’m starting to make progress with.

Have a play around with photographing your work, I think it will make a difference.

Have you tried staging pictures of work for Instagram or Twitter? Or are you going to have a go now? 

Are you starting your Christmas projects yet?

Share your comments/links and if you have any hints or tips I’d love to read them.

Happy crafting!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Calligraphy practice – starting to stage product photos”

    1. Thank you. I feel like I am starting to make progress with my Calligraphy, so taking good pictures of it is my next step. Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate you reading my post 😊

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