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Blog recognition award – my post & my nominees

I have recently been nominated for a Blog recognition award by fellow blogger Lia at asoutherngirls blog

Firstly I would like to say thank you to Lia, for nominating me. I’ve only been blogging for a few weeks so it means a lot for my blog to have even been read by a few people, let alone shared for recognition.

My blog nomination 

Lia nominated me a week or so ago, in her own nomination post. Lia’s blog covers a wide range of topics and she writes in such a personable way. Also check out her Instagram feed which is full of lovely inspirational quotes. 

Why and How I started my blog

I’ve been crafting for a good few years, making my own Christmas cards, cards for family and friends , birthdays etc. I even made all of my own wedding stationary.

I really want to take my crafting to the next step and so my husband suggested I start a blog to share my projects. I’ve been using Instagram for a few months now and have been so inspired by all the amazing talent I’ve even started teaching myself Calligraphy and water colour painting. I want my blog posts to be something people can read and be inspired by to try a new craft, or to know that someone else is having the same frustrations with putting too much ink on their pen nibs! 😁

I found WordPress after reading about how to start a blog on various websites and have been blogging since August 1st.

My advice to new bloggers

My first piece of advice is to not get too hung up on your stats.

It’s good fun to check how many people have read your posts, where in the world they are and how they’ve come by your blog, but don’t let it become the focus.

I can see how it would easily become all about the numbers and so my advice (& I’m saying this to myself too) is as along as you are enjoying writing and posting then the stats are not important.

My second piece of advice is to not put pressure on yourself to post.

For a business I guess it’s different but for those of us blogging because we are passionate about something, it shouldn’t be a chore to write and publish a piece.

I’ve had a few days where I’ve felt like I had to post but wasn’t all that inspired on that day. That’s ok. If you’re writing for the sake of writing then you won’t enjoy it.

If you’re writing about something you like, are inspired by, want to write about then you will enjoy it more and people will enjoy reading it because your passion will shine through.

And now for my nominations…..

The guidelines for this are:

Write a brief few words about the person who nominated you and their blog.

Write about why and how you started your blog

Give 2 pieces of advice to new bloggers

Nominate 15 fellow bloggers for this award 

And so I nominate:

  1. Poojasrosetintedglasses
  2. Cursed with an expensive taste
  3. Beautifulmessedupminds
  4. The handmade card blog
  5. Engineer with flair
  6. Journey through the trees
  7. Jennifer Grieve
  8. PMU ink
  9. Paul Mcginley
  10. Aasiyashaikh1
  11. Shai tea latte
  12. Not accounting for looks
  13. Kumar Shresth – thedeepblog
  14. Everydaylifegirl
  15. Our silent reverie

Thank you for reading, I look forward to reading my nominees posts and happy crafting!

    8 thoughts on “Blog recognition award – my post & my nominees”

    1. First of all , great congratulations to you for being nominated for the award.
      And secondly thanks a lot do nominating me, because I have also been blogging since Aug 13 and its a great thing for me that you liked my blog and also to get nominated by you.

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