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A Calligraphy epiphany…..I lowered my chair 😁

Hello there!

Yesterday I posted about my calligraphy frustration, that it just wasn’t flowing and I just couldn’t get the letters to go right.

Determined not to box up my pointed pen for good I sat down at the craft desk this morning and tried again.

I don’t know what made me think of it but I wondered if I was sitting too high, so I lowered my good old Ikea desk chair.

Ignoring the first two letters (wrong ink then too much ink 😂) I could feel the difference straight away.

My fore arm was flatter against the desk and it was easier to hold the pen. I wasn’t hunched over my paper so much.

It probably tells you on the first few pages of all the guide books what a good sitting position is, and where your arm should be, but I skipped straight to the “right, let’s start with A” page 😌

So now, with my chair a bit lower, it does feel easier to write. I’ve started at ‘A’ again so I can keep practicing all of the letters.

Can you see a difference from yesterday’s post? Or is it just me?Yesterday’s practice felt a bit like hard work but today I want to keep practicing. 

Fingers crossed I’ll be using calligraphy on those Christmas cards in no time 🙂

Thank you for reading and Happy crafting!

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