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Calligraphy frustration-I promised to share the highs and the lows.


When I started my blog I decided to share the good and the bad, the highlights and the frustrations of my crafting journey.

This morning I sat down at my craft desk, pointed pen in hand, to practice my calligraphy drills. 

You know those days when something just doesn’t go right, you can’t quite get into it, it’s just not flowing…….   today’s Calligraphy practice was like that.

I tried different inks, different paper, different guide books, different sitting positions, different paper positions…..but alas, not today.

Try as I might the letters were just not flowing today. I couldn’t get the curves right, too much or too little ink…..N and M did not go well at all 😁.

This picture is my last attempt at an alphabet. The other practice’s on different papers were just as bad or worse.

Can anyone help with my N’s and M’s?

So I decided that today just wasn’t a Calligraphy day. Some days are like that aren’t they.

I packed my papers and inks away and have given Bert, the pen holder whale, the day off.

I’ll return to it tomorrow or in a couple of days time and see how it goes then.

I have to remind myself that even the professionals were beginners once. I have been Cardmaking for 6 or 7 years now and have come a long way in that time. I’m sure it will be the same with my calligraphy, I just have to keep at it.  Not today though 🙂

Thank you for reading and happy crafting!

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