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I do like the swirly calligraphy letters……

and today I’ve been practicing F and G. 😁. 


I’m back to my calligraphy practice today as I want to get to a point where I can write on my cards…..maybe even a Christmas message or two 🎄 

I sat down to my craft desk and embarked upon practising F and G.

I do like the floaty, round, flourishy letters, I enjoy writing them and for some reason find them easier to write.

I then threw caution to the wind, put my practice paper away and got my ‘good paper’ out. My Cassart London calligraphy paper. 

I thought I would write positive words from the capital letters I’ve been practising so far. (except I forgot how to spell fascinating 😂)

 I broke all the rules – no lines, straight to cartridge paper, free hand…..but I had fun 😁. 

I think I’ll keep this to gauge my progress over the coming months. 

How far along have you got in your alphabet? Or are you reading this wanting to start?

Either way I hope you enjoy following my journey and I will keep sharing as I make a start H and I 🙂

Happy crafting!

6 thoughts on “I do like the swirly calligraphy letters……”

  1. Ooh 😲 love a crafts blog especially one with calligraphy as nice as your. I cant do it myself which is prolly why it fascinates me. Keep going. Very nice blog and welcome 🙂

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    1. Thank you, I really appreciate your feedback. As you can see from my post today I’ve got a bit frustrated with my calligraphy today so it’s lovely to hear nice feedback, thank you 😊

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