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Christmas faux calligraphy – it’s never too early 😁

Hello there.

As I type this evenings blog my Christmas count down app tells me there are 137 days to go 🎄.

You may be able to tell from the background I’ve chosen for this blog…..and my blog, Instagram and twitter name, that I love Christmas.

This year I would like to sell some of my cards as well as making them for friends and family. So I had better get started making.

In keeping with my current craft obsession 😁 floral line drawing, I started doodling with poinsettias.

This doodle didn’t come out quite how it looked in my head but it was a start. Im pleased with the faux calligraphy though. 

I haven’t done any calligraphy practice for the last few days so I wanted to keep writing, but I do need to get back at my craft desk with my pointed pen in hand.

So over the next few weekends I plan to start on Christmas card manufacture.

I will be posting some how too’s and sharing my experiences of the cards I make, the good and the bad.

Stay tuned for Christmas in August 😁

Thank you for reading and happy crafting!

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