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I made a card I was really proud of, then dropped a paint brush on it


I made a card yesterday, floral line drawing, faux calligraphy and Watercolour painting. It was a Good Luck card for a colleague who was leaving work.

I took a picture of it, posted it on Instagram and then placed it on my craft table. 

All was going well, I started my next project, my galaxy not so far far away.

Lots of dark inks…….can you see where this going?

I placed my ‘clean’ paintbrush (cleaned in now blue water) on the top of a box to dry. I didn’t link the fact that my newly finished card was underneath.

Things moved, the brush fell and then……a blue splodge… left….. 😖

As it was watercolour I tried to rub it down (gently ofcourse) with a baby wipe but it bobbled the card.

I drew another leaf over the offending patch but it just looked odd. Others may not have noticed but I knew 😞

So I made another card. All was well and my colleague liked it.

I ended up throwing the original away. But the crafty lesson for me was…..move the finished projects away from the work in progress, for fear of falling paintbrushes! 😁

Thank you for reading and happy crafting! 

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