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A watercolour galaxy not so far far away 

Hi there.

Today I thought I would share with you a piece I have been working on, inspired by so many beautiful pieces I’ve seen on Instagram–A Galaxy.

All the work I’ve seen….The colours just look so amazing and the way everything blends it looks so clever!  I’ve been trying to recreate a galaxy myself for a few months now, with varying degrees of success.

My first one didn’t go so well but not a bad first attempt

I couldn’t quite get the hang of the stars and my writing was just starting.

Then I went too far with the stars……😂

After that I tried it without stars all together…..

…..and went for faux calligraphy instead.

The first piece was created using dry watercolour paints in a set. The other pieces were created using my Ecoline Watercolour inks, mixed with water and ‘artistically’ splashed about the page. 

Then…..this evening…..inspiration struck (and I’d bought some pink Ecoline which was was delivered yesterday 🙂 )

I tried a watercolour colour paint board I had bought from The Works a few weeks ago. Like cold pressed paper for Watercolour painting it was quite a rough surface and drank up the water / ink but certainly helped all the colours blend.

So I started with water, laid down the foundation by brushing most of the board with water. Then I inked up my 3/4 brush with yellow and started dabbing.

Followed by pink, light blue, green and dark blue.

To finish the piece I loaded up my brush with water again and spread sections of the board with more water. I then went round the edges with a lot of black ink, dabbing gently in the middle areas also. 

And so here it is, after a couple of hours drying… galaxy not so far far away:

I created the starts with a cotton bud soaked in white chalk pen, gently dabbing, but not everywhere (made that mistake before 😂 please see picture 2) 

I think this is my most successful one yet. Let me know what you think and if you have any galaxy hints or tips to share.

If you try a galaxy after reading this post please share your pictures, it would be great to see.

Thank you for reading and happy crafting! 

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