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C, D and E Calligraphy practice

Hello there,

The calligraphy practice continues, today the letters C, D and E.

I decided to try a different nib today and it made quite a difference. 

I know it seems silly to say that but it really did. Changing the nib even helped with my struggling B (see yesterdays post) 

The nib was a thin tipped one like the one I had been using but for some reason seemed easier to write with.

I decided to recap A and B to keep reminding myself. I do like writing that A 🙂

C was fairly easy but hard to add the flourishes, to me they look like giant lower case e’s.   More practice needed.

I liked writing D and E. I think it’s the flourishes, I seem to find certain letters easier than others.

Does this happen to you? A, D and E seem to be the favourites so far.

F and G tomorrow….I have high hopes for more flourishes 🙂

Thank you for reading and happy crafting! 

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