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Floral line drawing for greetings cards-mark II


Yesterday I posted a picture of a greetings card I had made using a floral drawing I had done on Friday night.

I’ve had some really good feedback on it through my blog and Instagram pages so I thought I would try another design this evening. 

This is this evenings drawing which I will make into a card at some point next week.  Stay tuned for this, I’ll posted it once I’ve made it. 

You may notice the white writing on a purple square, bottom right.

This wasn’t my original plan. I had intended to use some of today’s calligraphy practice to write ‘be unique’ in purple. Unfortunately I missed the N out of unique 😂 😤 

So to try and save the whole piece I drew a box around it and coloured over the lettering. 😉. I then wrote over it with my white Unibal Signo pen.  I hope it looks ok.

Fingers crossed I’ve saved it and no-one needs to know 😁

Even if you miss spell a project it can usually be recovered, I’ve stuck a new, small, piece of paper over many a spelling mistake before now!  Don’t write it off straight away.

Happy crafting!

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