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Flower doodling turned into a greetings card

Hello there.

Yesterday evening I was doodling in front of the TV, practicing my botanical line drawing (aka, drawing flowers with my fine liner pens). 3 of the flowers came out really well and I thought, aha! I’ll make a card out of this tomorrow.


Having seen so many beautiful examples of these types of drawings on Instagram I am quite pleased with how these ones came out.

I started with the middle of the flower, using my black Uniball fine liner, 0.05 thickness. Then I added individual petals making the edges rough in certain places and placing them so that not all of the petals met up.

To add texture to the petals I drew small lines, quickly, from the centre out. I’ve found that the trick is to draw them quickly. Too much thought and it doesn’t come out right or the lines are too thick.  To finish I drew the same sort of lines from the tops of the petals inward. The lines are very rough but I like the effect it gives.

Having bought a new pen yesterday, my new Artline 200 in Red, I thought I would colour one of the flowers in.

In hindsight I would have left it and water colour painted one, but it came out ok. It was hard to apply any sort of shadow though. The more I went over the page to create deeper colour the more the pen started to gather bits of paper.

I threw in a bit of lettering practice for good measure and left it at that for the evening. 🙂

I had an idea this morning, I cut the flowers piece from the A4 page I’d been doodling on, in 10.5 x 11.5 approx.

As you can see from the picture though some of my other doodling was in the top left hand corner.

mmmmmm, how to cover this up and keep the square shape.  I used my round corner punch, but it didn’t take enough away…….

so….I drew another flower on a scrap piece of paper, same process as last night and then cut it out with my small scissors….not a job if you’re in a rush 🙂

I then found a piece of A4 crimson card in my card stash, cut that into a 12.5×12.5 square and rounded off the corners with my corner punch.

Enter stage left the double sided tape to adhere the 2 pieces together and then the crimson card to a 6×6 (14cm x 14cm) white greetings card.

I added double sided tape to as many spaces as I could on the back of the flower that I had cut out, and then stuck this to the top left hand corner.

And so, the stalk from another flower doodle was hidden, as though it was always meant to be 😉

Bloom card with ribbon

Ive tried to be a bit ‘arty’ with the picture, always nice to add a bit of ribbon.

And let me introduce you to my new Pen Holder. He’s a wooden whale I bought yesterday and I’ve called him Bert 🙂

He’ll be popping up through my future blog posts and my Instagram feed. Keep an eye open for him!

I hope you like this card and have been inspired to try flower line drawing.

If you have, please leave a message and let me know.

Thank you for reading and Happy Crafting!


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