Sharing my crafting journey

Hello. And welcome to my first ever blog post!

Having recently set up an Instagram account I have seen so many wonderful crafty projects that talented people are sharing and have been inspired to try new crafts myself.

Since April 2017 I have been sharing my own card making projects and have found so many other inspiring crafters that I have now taken up Calligraphy, Water colour painting and Brush lettering to further develop my own greetings card making.

The pictures I have seen on Instagram all look so good and make me want to be professional at all of the crafts straight away 🙂

However, it’s going to take practice, practice and a bit more practice.

I want to share my crafting journey with you, the good and the bad, as I attempt to teach myself new skills and in the hope that it may help you in your crafting journey too.

If nothing else I hope it helps to know that someone else is going through the same failures and successes with their crafting.

I hope you enjoy reading my future blog posts and join me on my crafting journey.


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